What we do

Symbioo implements digital customer engagement using the Microsoft platform.
Digital customer engagement is not just another project. It becomes part of your organization DNA and begins with a changed mindset. An approach where a continuous cycle of design, build and operate allows for innovation, smarter and more efficient processes. A personalized customer experience allows to digitally engage with your customers touching human emotion.


Digital Engagement Framework + Consultancy


Model Driven Development + Scrum team


Digital Engagement Operations Support

Who we are

Symbioo has 8 equal partners sharing at least 20 year of experience in CRM, BI, Digitale Marketing and Customer Portals.

How we do it

We offer competency, capability and capacity to design, build and operate state of the art business applications. Depending on the needs we combine software components like Lego blocks. The Microsoft platform offers us a broad set of tools that allows us to create an integrated digital customer engagement platform with 70% out of the box, 20% configuration and 10% custom code functionality with an exceptional time to value. Scrum and Lean provide us the processes to deliver results in a predicable manner

Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365
ClickDimensions or Mailchimp


Microsoft Office 365 (Sharepoint)

Business Intelligence

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Model Driven Development

Betty Blocks

Why Choose Us ?

We have passion for innovation, we breathe business software. Our experience, approach and creativity allows us to deliver results fast.

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Please contact us to discuss your digital future.

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